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R Adam Norwitt, CEO, Amphenol Advanced SensorsR Adam Norwitt, CEO
Amphenol Advanced Sensors (AAS) is one of the leading brands in the development of advanced and innovative sensing technologies. It develops embedded measurement solutions for regulatory and industry-driven applications. Its solutions generate critical reports for real-time decision-making. Amphenol offers domain expertise, rapid customizations, highly efficient manufacturing abilities, and long-lasting customer relationships. It offers its customers excellent support and service, in the area of development, production, and distribution, due to its global presence.

It is one of the largest producers of interconnect products in the world. It designs and manufactures electrical, electronics, and fibre optic connectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cables, and interconnected systems. Within Amphenol, AAS is a member of Amphenol-ASTG which offers a wide range of advanced sensors for measurement of temperature, humidity, and moisture, thermal validation, pressure, gas, vibration, positions, ultrasonic as well as ultra-low pressure. It has several quality certifications attributed to its different sites and sites that underline its commitment to product quality and environmental management.

AAS develops advanced sensors such as Thermometrics, Nova Sensor, Telaire, Protimeter, and Kaye. Its products are primarily utilised by industries dealing with cable television, cellular phones, data communications and information processing, aerospace and military electronics, automotive, rail, and other transportations.

Amphenol’s Thermometrics offer one of the inclusive ranges of temperature quantification and sensing. It measures the temperature from -196ºC to 1150º C.
Thermometrics play a vital role in the measurement, protection, and control of industrial and consumer-based equipment around the world. The Thermometric sensor product line highlights the decades of technological advancements Amphenol has made in manufacturing world-class sensors. Thermometrics continues to be a part of leading temperature sensor technologies and sensor packing technologies, especially in the development of solutions for industry-specific applications.

Nova Sensor, the most advanced pressure sensor, die, and transmitter designer, is the leading player in the designing and fabrication of Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMs) pressure sensors. This product line is highly efficient and cost-effective. The sensor's precision and reliability are far superior to those available on the market. This MEMS pressure sensor line includes families of surface mount, hybrid and media-isolated sensors that are available calibrated, Uncalibrated, and fully calibrated. These sensors are highly effective in amplification of analogue and digital output signals.

Telaire is the world’s leading manufacturer of Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) Carbon Dioxide Sensor. Telaire has been involved in the development of every major CO2 sensing technology for over 2 decades. This product line holds more than 30 awarded patents in CO2 sensing technology, including the award for Original Automatic Calibration Algorithm- ABC Logic®. In recent years, Telaire has expanded its product line and developed advanced air quality sensors such as Dust (PM2.2 and PM10) and Relative Humidity (RH) Sensors. These devices are majorly used in commercial and residential building ventilation applications, air-quality tracking, and controlling devices in homes and automobiles.

AAS is the leading provider of automotive sensors to protect vehicles, occupants, and the environment. AAS modifies its sensors to meet the requirements of today’s modern automobile technologies and can modify them further to suit the technologies of the next generation. These sensors find applications in electric vehicles, hybrid-electric vehicles, as well as fuel cells.

AAS is also a leading provider of medical sensors used in patient monitoring systems. These sensors find critical applications in monitoring the vitals of patients. AAS is continuing to develop such medical sensors as the requirement for such devices and equipment have skyrocketed due to the coronavirus pandemic. AAS guarantees innovative solutions, rapid growth cycles, and excellence. It also develops sensors for industrial applications such as HVAC, building automation, appliance control, refrigeration, and electronics.

Amphenol Advanced Sensors makes everyday operations easier, both at home and in industries, reliably and efficiently. Its sensors are helping people implement technologies that will improve today's environmental conditions. With the continued development of its existing technologies, AAS will continue to remain at the forefront of the sensor manufacturing industry, helping others achieve sustainable and effective operations.

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Amphenol Advanced Sensors

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